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World Language

World Language

The goal of the World Language Program is to provide an additional language as a tool for lifelong learning, as part of a larger curriculum which encourages students to see themselves as World Citizens.  At ISM, we currently teach French, Spanish, and Mandarin (high school) languages with each student choosing their language learning preference. 

World Language instruction is one of the three core subject areas of the SABIS® curriculum, alongside English and Mathematics.

All students are enrolled in a World Language for the duration of their academic careers at The International School of Minnesota (Pre-School through Grade 12), or through completion of an Advanced Placement® (AP) course.

World Language classes are taught by native speakers or by teachers having a native level of fluency, as well as a lived experience of the culture they represent in the language of instruction.

The course sequence contains numerous entry points for new students, and promotion for returning students is individually tailored.

The World Language curriculum in Early Childhood Education is orally based, thematically structured, developmentally sensitive, and hands-on in its approach.  Beginning in Grade 1, World Language instruction is reading based and academically rigorous.

Language instruction concentrates on the development of the following skills: Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing using grammar, vocabulary and phonics.

Learn more about the benefits of learning a second language by reading our blog post.

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