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Domestic Students

Our admissions process is designed to help parents make the best educational decision for their child.  We invite interested families to tour our campus and classrooms throughout the year.  If you haven't done so yet, please schedule a tour with one of our admissions representatives.  We also organize events so visit our Admission Events page to learn more. 

Admissions Process

The formal admissions process begins when you provide a completed enrollment application for your child along with the appropriate fee to our Admissions Office.

If your child has been enrolled in another school, we will need previous school transcripts as well as an age-appropriate recommendation form from a previous teacher or mentor. 

Once all the paperwork has been completed, the Admissions Office will schedule your child's entrance assessment.  At The International School, we approach student testing very differently than other schools.  Our proprietary SABIS® diagnostic testing is not administered to see if your child "measures up" competitively or to weed out applications.  Rather, this testing reveals your child's current academic standing in English and Math, helping us confirm grade placement. 

Because we want our school to be your child's academic home, we encourage your child to participate in a shadow visit to meet teachers and fellow classmates as well as get a firsthand experience of school life here..

If you are a boarding student, please fill out this questionnaire.


Below are the forms available for download:


To ease the application process, here is a checklist to help you make sure you have everything:

  1. Schedule tour, if you can

  2. Fill out the application

  3. Pay fee

  4. Send school records

  5. Return recommendation form (see above for specific level forms)

  6. Schedule a diagnostic exam for your child and shadow visit

  7. For boarding students only, please fill out this questionnaire

Once the Admissions Office receives all of this inforamtion, we will follow up with you regarding the status of the application. 

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