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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

The International School of Minnesota does not receive funding for educational expenses and operational costs from the government. To cover the educational expenses and costs of operation, ISM charges tuition for each student. In order to promote ISM's commitment to economic diversity, ISM offers families with children in grades 1-12 the opportunity to apply for financial aid.  Financial aid awards at ISM are based on careful review by the committee and looks at the family's whole file, not just financial need.

All families with a child in Grades 1-12 may apply for financial aid. Information will be available soon regarding Financial Aid applications for the Academic Year 2018-2019. 

Please complete the pre-enrollment form and return it to the Admissions Office.  Then create an account with TADS to continue.

1. Pre-enrollment Form (to be returned directly to the school)

2. 2017-2018 Financial Aid Instructions

Financial Aid Online Application link:

Click on image to connect to TADS website
  1. Create an account with TADS by selecting Financial Aid Assessment.
  2. There you will be asked to Create a New Account or Sign in
  3. Follow the steps in creating your account or log on.

There is a $39 fee for applying through TADS.

If you need help, please contact us at 952-918-1800 x 124.


Families with students currently attending ISM have until March 31st, 2017 to complete their financial aid application and submit the supporting materials.  

New families may apply on a rolling basis. 

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