Our admissions process is designed to help parents make the best educational decision for their child. As you and your child meet our staff and faculty, spend time in our classrooms and hallways, and experience our special community, you’ll have the opportunity to see that The International School of Minnesota (ISM) is a wonderful place for children to learn and grow. Here is our admissions process for interested families. If you are applying as an international student (F-1 visa), please visit our International Admissions page.

Quick facts about our Admissions:

  • Non-selective admissions policy
  • Rolling admissions for year-around applications/enrollment
  • Generally, no wait lists for classes
  • Application process can be finished as quickly as 1 week

1. Schedule a Tour

The first step is often to visit the school with your child and see us in action, while touring the school with a special focus on your child’s age bracket.  However, we realize that families living overseas or out of state may not have the opportunity to visit the campus in advance and often a local familiy member may visit on their behalf.  Depending on what time of day you visit, there may be a theater rehearsal or debate team practice in progress, or students in the gym and pool. We’ll explain our approach to learning, and you’ll have an opportunity to tell us about your child and get answers to any questions you may have. By the time you leave, you’ll have a good understanding of who we are and how our students succeed—and how your child can be part of that success.

Call 952-918-1840 or email admissions@ism-sabis.net to schedule a tour today.

2. Complete simple paperwork.

The formal admissions process begins when you provide a completed enrollment application for your child along with a $75 application fee (pay online) to our Admissions Office. Our enrollment application is available at the school and online here.

If your child has been enrolled in another school, we’ll need previous school transcripts. The Admissions Office will provide a list of the age-appropriate documents you need to provide with the completed application.  See the Admissions Forms tab to download or print relevant forms. 

3. Schedule your child’s entrance assessment.

At ISM, we approach student testing very differently than other schools. Our proprietary SABIS® diagnostic testing is not administered to see if your child “measures up” competitively or to weed out applicants. Rather, this testing reveals your child’s current academic standing in specific subject areas, helping us confirm grade placement. The results also help us determine how to best teach to your child’s strengths and needs. Our entrance testing is just the beginning of the data-driven quality assessment system we use throughout the school year to fine-tune support for each student and ensure progress from year to year

4. Arrange for your child to spend a full day with us.

This will be your child’s academic home, and we want your child to love being here. We encourage your child to participate in a full day visit as our guest and be welcomed by our community. Your child will be guided through the day’s academics and activities by a student ambassador and the classroom teachers. This firsthand experience is the perfect way for your child to confirm that ISM is a great place to be a student. Contact our Admissions Office to schedule a day visit.

5. Choose ISM and confirm enrollment.

Once your child’s application process has been completed, our Admissions department will contact the family regarding the next steps for enrollment. Contact our Admissions Office at 952-918-1840 or at admissions@ism-sabis.net to confirm enrollment.

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