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Tuition and Value

Tuition and Value

Education is an investment.....

"The education proved itself when our daughter was searching for colleges.  She not only got into the school of her choice, but she also received a full merit scholarship at a very competitive school."  

-Class of 2016 Parent

Although ISM's tuition ranges from $17,950 to $21,000, the return on your investment will be worth it.

We are commited to:

  • providing a rich curriculum
  • not leaving it up to chance, no child is left behind
  • attracting and retaining the highest quality faculty
  • providing experiences outside the classroom, from community service to global awareness and activities
  • maintaining top notch facilities

We understand that educating your child at a private school is a BIG commitment and we want to help.  Visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

Tuition Schedule

Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten – Half Day
Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten – Full day
Kindergarten – Grade 5   
Grades 6 - 8 
Grade 9 - 12



** Breakfast is offered free of charge for Half-day Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten.

*** Breakfast and lunch are offered free of charge for Full-day Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten.

Tuition fees for Preschool-Grade 12 cover the cost of a yearbook and required field trips, retreats and activity nights.  Textbooks for 9-12 will be billed separately.

Tuition is pro-rated for students that enroll at ISM after the school year has started. 

"ISM is a great place for my son to get a strong education to help him succeed at a college level before he even graduates.
I highly recommend ISM if you want your child to attend a school that prides itself on education, rather than just being a daycare center for teens like most public schools."

-ISM Parent

International Students

For international students in the United States on an F-1 student visa, shorter duration stays may be approved based on individual circumstances.  These can range in length of stay with a minimum of at least one term.  The dates of the 2019-2020 school terms are:

Term I August 26 - November 26
Term II December 2 - March 6
Term III March 16 - June 10 

A semester end date would fall in between Terms II and III. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at  

Online FACTS Tuition  Payments

Follow this link to set up a FACTS account to pay your tuition online (Required for Plan B payment plan and all plans using the credit card payment option).

Online Payment Center

For online tuition payments, application fees, etc. please use this link to set up payments through credit/debit cards.  Please include Student ID # with payments.


"Our little one has been at ISM since Kindergarten and she absolutely loves it, hence, so do we!  It's obvious that the teachers and administrators there love what they do and are invested in each child.  She is learning so many things, foreign language, music, art, everything to get her ready for college.  The school follows a great program made by SABIS®, a company that has more than 131 years of experience.  With that experience we do not doubt we are giving our daughter the best education possible."

-ISM Parent

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