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Visual Arts

Visual Art education at the International School of Minnesota is designed to encourage originality and develop critical thinking skills that can apply to all aspects of life. 

Preschool through Grade 5 Art

Students are introduced to a diversity of art history from ancient to contemporary works, while exploring many different modes of artistic production. Our young artists create sculpture, collage, painting, drawings and more. They learn to think creatively and independently by expanding upon the given projects utilizing their own creative ingenuity. 


Middle and High School Art

As students progress, they are asked to refine their abilities and develop basic design skills. They learn to see intricate details and begin creating works that convey meaning with emotion and deep thought.

When students get into Grade 11 they can take the Art Survey or Advanced Placement course.

Art Survey

Students begin to utilize complex artistic strategies including abstraction and symbolism through their gained knowledge of art history and art production.

Advanced Placement Art

Students that decide to enroll in AP Art will be asked to complete an extensive body of work. These students are challenged to create works of great expertise and asked to develop personalized meaning while simultaneously refining their skills and craft. Students interested in careers in architecture, all areas of design, marketing, fine arts and more are encouraged to take this course. The skills and knowledge these advanced students accumulate give them a strong foundation for careers within the arts and beyond.

View more pictures of artwork in our Media Gallery.

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