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Athletics at ISM

The International School of Minnesota prides itself on its sports programs and strives to continue to improve on an annual basis. We believe in an intelligent and scientific approach to athletic training and therefore use proven developmental models as a foundation for our curriculum.

Coaches strive to use the four stages of development in each practice: warm-up, small-sided activity, expanded game like activity, and scrimmage or game. This structure allows a student to learn a new skill or theory at the beginning of a practice and slowly apply it at an increasing speed and with increasing pressure with teammates. This process helps cement the skill or theory into the muscle memory of the students so that they automatically apply these lessons in games.  To view some photos of our Athletics department,  please click here to visit our Media Gallery

The other critical element of Husky athletics is FUN! We believe that developing a passion for the sport/activity is the first step to success in any field. Passionate children will put in that extra effort outside of practice and become that special player or participant. We also want to encourage students to be multisport athletes. Studies have shown that well-rounded, multisport athletes have the highest potential to achieve the goal of lifelong fitness and enjoyment of physical activity while avoiding some of the pitfalls of overuse, overtraining, and burnout provided that they participate in moderation and are in tune with their bodies for signs of overuse or fatigue.

We also want to emphasize a certain type of fun as well. Instead of the “quick fun” or “extrinsic fun,” we want to promote “intrinsic fun.” This type of fun occurs when one sets a challenging goal and then meets that goal. By establishing that culture early, we hope to help create motivated individuals who know how to succeed for life. 

The International School of Minnesota also believes in a using a scientific approach to coaching. Our coaches rely on the guidelines set by a variety of sources including:

  • National Federation of High School Leagues 
  • Minnesota State High School League
  • Individual Sport Governing Bodies
  • United States Soccer Federation
  • USA Volleyball
  • USA Basketball
  • Research journals in the fields of Psychology, and Kinesiology

Athletic Handbook

Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) Forms

MSHSL Eligibility Brochure – required once per academic year

MSHSL Sports Physical Examination Clearance Form – Required every 3 years for students participating in varsity or high school level athletics. ISM recommends students get a physical in 7th and 10th grade.

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