The goal of a successful residential community is to create a positive social atmosphere and to maximize the students' academic experiences.

A student's experience in a residential community is markedly different from his experience living at home. The basic expectations and principles of living at home and living in a residence hall are the same; respect, honesty, trust, integrity, self-discipline and safety are vital to any successful community.

Students enrolled in The International School of Minnesota (ISM) Residential Program are expected to adhere to all guidelines and rules that are based around the principles of respect, honesty, integrity and self-discipline. Students enrolled in the ISM Residential Program are expected to make informed choices when selecting personal rooming options.

It is expected that all parents and students read the official Residential Student Manual thoroughly and refer to it regularly for guidance. All ISM students are expected to conform and adhere to The ISM Student Handbook.

All members of The ISM Residence Hall are subject to all other relevant policies, regulations, directives, etc. including The ISM Student Handbook. RESIDENTIAL STUDENT MANUAL - 2016-2017.pdf

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