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In every school, teachers teach and students learn. At The International School of Minnesota (ISM), our students also learn from each other as part of a proprietary model called SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®). The Student Life Coordinator, an important administrative position, leads SLO®.  This vibrant part of ISM recognizes and develops leadership qualities of all students in the context of their individuality.

SLO® is so much more than a traditional "Student Council". This distinctive organization stretches across the breadth of the school, through academics and activities, starting in 6th grade. There’s a place for everyone within eight different departments and each student selects where to participate.

Students and their parents appreciate that in SLO®, leaders are selected, not elected. Students apply for positions as Prefects, or leaders. They are interviewed and chosen by school administrators so opportunity is shared.

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SLO® builds community

From preschool through high school, ISM students learn that working cooperatively creates community. SLO® extends the community experience into real life responsibilities and adds a social element as well. Within each department, students meet and make new friends. Under the leadership of the Student Life Coordinator and the Prefects, energized teams of students touch every part of school life.

Eight SLO® Departments drive student activity in:

Academics School-wide academic support is offered by teachers and students at ISM. All students are offered the opportunity to be peer tutors, Shadow Teachers®, and academic prefects, helping those in need while organizing academic events and promoting excellence.

Activities and Events Students plan and oversee activities encouraging students to become club leaders and develop life skills. Student leaders organize various events for lower, middle, and high school students like SLO® retreats, dances, and prom.

Discipline Prefects oversee established school behavior standards and support the Student Management Coordinators throughout the school.

Management Students help run the SLO® office through data management of student life points, performing homeroom inspections, making Daily Announcements, and more.

Outreach New and visiting students are welcomed by Student Ambassadors, who help them settle in to school life. This Department organizes school spirit days and encourages the integration of international students.

Social Responsibilities Local and global community service is an important element of life at ISM. Students are involved in green initiatives, and in programs like Students in Action and ISM Against Hunger.

Sports This team supports the Athletic Department and also organizes friendly intramural competitions, pep rallies, and upper school field day.

Lower School Upper School students offer activities and opportunities for Lower School students.

The impact of SLO® and student participation

We firmly believe that education can change the world. In SLO®, students develop life skills that have a true ripple effect. They make a difference in the school, to each other, and to themselves. ISM students themselves know that SLO® participation leads them to a commitment to make a difference in the larger, global community as college students and as working adults.

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