ISM students in Grades 1-12 participate in the Accelerated Reader (AR) program. This goal-oriented program encourages and rewards readers as a way to promote and foster the habit of reading and nurture a love of literature.

The AR program is simple. Students and teachers work together to set individual goals. Students read a book, take an AR quiz and get feedback quickly. Teachers can easily monitor a student’s progress throughout the school year.

The program involves four simple steps:

  • A child selects and reads a book in his/her reading range
  • The child then takes a computerized AR quiz about that book
  • Quiz results are added to the student’s AR record and the student receives an AR report
  • Students earn points related to their reading success 

 Please visit for a complete listing of all titles. 

The ISM school library contains more than 15,000 fiction and non-fiction books from the AR program. In addition, AR quizzes are available for more than 140,000 books. Also available is Renaissance Home Connect, where students and parents can log into the Renaissance Learning site at home to see quiz results and to keep track of goals and deadlines.  

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