Paula Anderson, School Counselor

Paula Anderson
School Counselor

Phone: 952.918.1834
Office: Room 213a

Responsible for:
Counseling and Advising

My name is Paula Anderson and I am the new School Counselor here at ISM.  It is my pleasure to be working here with the staff and students.  Below are some resources I hope you find helpful.  The first link will provide some information about what I do in the form of “The 4 C’s of Counseling.”  The second will provide suggestions for ways you can help promote student success.  And finally, I will provide links to resources and services outside of the school. 

Let me know how I can make a difference for you and your student.


The 4 C's of Counseling:

Counseling is available to individual students and small groups. 

Consulting takes place between counselors and AQCs/parents.

Coordinating the efforts of school personnel and community agencies is a function of the counselor.

Classroom guidance lessons follow a curriculum which is developed and based on standards of learning.

How can Parents Promote Student Success?

Parents play a key role in ensuring that their child or adolescent achieves school success. When parents, students, and staff work together, the student will obtain his/her academic goals. Some of the actions that parents can take to promote school success are:

  • communicate with school staff to be aware of homework assignments
  • review your child’s homework
  • encourage your child to seek friends who will be helpful to them
  • try to do something enjoyable with your child at least once a week
  • set clear expectations for students about homework; have a set place and time for homework
  • monitor where your child goes/this will encourage them to stay out of trouble
  • communicate with school staff first when there is a concern with the school
  • attend school functions such as conferences, programs, and athletic events
  • encourage students to participate in school-related after-school activities
  • consistently enforce household rules
  • set aside a time when the whole family reads
  • encourage students to talk about school, social activities, and their interests
  •  teach standards of right and wrong and demonstrate these standards
  • provide a quiet place where your child can study (preferably a quiet room)
  • support school discipline policies
  • talk to your child about tobacco, drugs, alcohol, gangs, and violence
  • monitor your child’s choices of TV programs, video games and music
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