2017 - 2018 SCHOOL FORMS

2017 - 2018 SCHOOL FORMS

Student and Emergency Information (all)
Release of Child to Persons other than Parents/Guardians (PS - Grade 5)
Permission to Drive/Be Driven/Parking Lot Form (Grades 9-12)
Field Trip Authorization Form (K-12)
Permission to Post College Acceptances (Gr. 12)
Permission to use Student Photographs (All)
SABIS® Digital Platform (all)

Heatlh Forms

Health Examination Form (Doctor's Signature Required) (all new students, current students will be notified by Health Office if needed)
Health Information Form (all)
Release of Health Information Form (PS - PK)
Early Childhood Immunization Form (PS-K)
Student Immunization Form (Grades 1-12)
Authorization for Administration of Prescription Medication  (Doctor's Signature Required) (optional)
Parental Request for Administration of Non-Prescription Medication (optional)
Student Accident Plan (all)

Accident Plan Claim Form

District Forms

Request for Textbooks, Standardized Tests, Individual Instructional Materials, District Pupil Health Services, and District Secondary/Guidance Counseling Services (KG - Grade 12)
Transportation Reimbursement Form (optional)

Other Forms
Daycare Days Registration Form
Extended Day Procedures
2017-18 Hot lunch form


Uniform Details
ECE Uniforms
Lower School Uniforms
Upper School Uniforms

Donald's Uniform Store Price List
Donald's Preferred Customer Card
Donald's Preschool-K New Student COUPON

School Supplies
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade
Ninth Grade
Tenth Grade
Eleventh Grade
Twelfth Grade

eBook Information

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