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5 Benefits of Summer Camp for Preschoolers
Jan 19, 2017

5 Benefits of Summer Camp for Preschoolers

As a parent, the idea of sending your preschooler off to summer camp may feel intimidating, especially if your child hasn't gone to preschool yet. This might be the first time you leave your child for an extended period of time. However, summer camp is a great opportunity for your child to learn and grow. Additionally, the counselors at reputable summer camps are always highly trained and very trustworthy, allowing you peace of mind.

There are a number of benefits to enrolling your preschooler in a summer camp, five of which we discuss in this blog. Keep reading to see the good things your child can get out of summer camp.

1. Effective School Preparation

Summer camp provides a daily routine very similar to school. This structure help your child feel more prepared for the upcoming school year, giving him or her practice with following instructions and a better idea of what will happen during a school day. Your child will learn how to interact with a larger group of children, and how to be responsible for personal belongings such as a backpack or lunch sack.

Going to summer camp can also help your child learn how to better manage time. Your child will learn how to follow a schedule, which is a big step for children used to having the day unstructured at home. Summer camp can give your child a safe place to practice following a schedule before school starts in the fall.

2. Valuable Swimming and Other Sports Education

Many summer camps have access to pools, basketball courts, and other sports opportunities. With this access, counselors may teach your child how to swim, play soccer, perform gymnastics, and so on. Learning athletics in a summer camp setting, especially at a preschool age, sets your child up for success in terms of health, teamwork, and aptitude in learning the rules of new games.

3. Helpful Social Development

Even if your child has had the opportunity to go to preschool already, summer camps typically have a larger group of children. Even smaller camp groups generally don't consist of the exact same children your child went to school with, so summer camps give your child the chance to make new friends and learn how to interact with new personalities. These social skills will come in handy when your child starts school and has to make new friends.

4. Safe Chances to Step Out of a Comfort Zone

During summer camp, your child will inevitably face something he or she is uncomfortable with. Whether it’s saying goodbye to mom and dad on the first morning or having to learn how to get along with another kid he or she doesn't like, your child will have several opportunities to step out of his or her comfort zone.

Trying new things or doing something difficult helps your child build confidence and self-esteem. Your child will be stronger for the experience and more ready to try new things at school.

5. Increased Outdoor Appreciation

Most summer camps offer opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Your child is guaranteed to get plenty of fresh air and invigorating sun while he or she explores with the group. While outside, counselors will teach them about different species of plants and animals and help cultivate an appreciation of nature in your child.

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