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5 Reasons for Your Child to Get Involved in Performing Arts
Nov 16, 2016

5 Reasons for Your Child to Get Involved in Performing Arts

As college admissions get increasingly competitive, you want to do everything possible to prepare your child.

But do not forget the arts. A performing arts education is important for your child's overall education and can even improve his or her academic performance.

In an Arts Education Partnership study, researchers analyzed 62 studies about the arts and their effect on academic achievement. They found that an arts education can actually improve academic skills like reading and math.

Beyond academic preparation, there are many other reasons why students should study performing arts.

1. They Learn Discipline

Involvement in the arts requires a huge commitment of both time and motivation. For example, performing in band, orchestra, or choir often requires daily practice. As they prepare for performances, students learn that success takes hard work. This lesson will benefit them in every aspect of their lives.

Participating in the arts also teaches students how to deal with failure and criticism. They learn that even if they don't always give their best performance, they can keep striving for improvement.

2. It Increases Confidence

Performing in front of an audience increases your child's confidence. Confidence will benefit your child in his or her pursuits in college, and especially in their future work setting. Whether he or she makes speeches, meets with clients, or makes presentations, confidence is paramount to career success.

3. They Learn How to Think Creatively

Involvement in theater helps students learn to understand multifaceted stories and analyze complex issues within the play. Involvement in visual arts helps students learn to convey their inner thoughts and emotions to others in a distinctive way. These thinking skills can help your child succeed in school, especially as he or she writes essays or completes projects.

4. They Learn to Collaborate With Others

Unlike many other academic pursuits, the performing arts are directly linked with collaboration. With music, drama, and dance, your child must work as a team with peers to create a beautiful finished product.

No matter which future career you child chooses, he or she will need to collaborate with people from many backgrounds. Both colleges and employers want to know that your child works well with others. Performing arts can give them a head start.

5. It Enhances Their College Applications

Academic performance isn't the only thing colleges look for. Colleges want to accept a wide variety of students with different skills and abilities. Experience in the performing arts can help your child seem less like a number in a sea of applicants and more like a passionate student with a unique personality and interests.

When students include their experience in the arts in their admissions essays, they give admissions staff a better idea of their character. They can also talk about any volunteer experiences they've had through the performing arts, such as performing at a nursing home or creating artwork for children in need.

Don't let your child focus solely on academics. Whether your child prefers drama, creative writing, music, dance, or visual art, encourage them to pursue a path in the performing arts. Choose a school for your child that recognizes the importance of the arts in the educational curriculum.

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