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Alumni Blogger - Andrew Carlander
Aug 31, 2018

Alumni Blogger - Andrew Carlander

By: Andrew Carlander, ISM Class of 2014 

Of all the things to be thankful for during my time at ISM (and trust me, there are many), one of the aspects of the school that I’ve found to be the most pivotal and rewarding in terms of my personal and professional development is its emphasis on an “international experience.” The word “international” doesn’t necessarily immediately come to mind when thinking about the city of Eden Prairie (or even the state of Minnesota for that matter). But ISM challenges that very notion. Through its emphasis on the global diversity of its student body, staff, and core curriculum, ISM provides something that most other institutions seldom achieve—a community united by a common understanding that the world is your oyster.


For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Andrew Carlander, and I hail from the class of 2014 after having attended ISM since preschool. I recently graduated from the George Washington University in Washington, DC this past May. I currently reside and work in Singapore as a Project Executive for a prominent local real estate development firm.


Since graduating ISM, my thirst for knowledge and new experiences has been fueled by a desire to continuously understand the world around me. Without question, this started because I attended ISM: I had friends from dozens of countries across the globe, I studied two languages simultaneously (Spanish and Mandarin Chinese) and achieved an advanced understanding of them both, and I participated in school trips that exposed me to the world beyond what I could learn within just the school grounds. In my opinion, there is absolutely something to be said for those who wish to achieve a global perspective and are open to learning as much about different cultures as possible. ISM emphasizes this daily. By doing so, infinite new opportunities for work, personal relationships, and unique experiences make themselves readily available the world over. Literally.


Living and working full time in a different country is not easy. Nor is it something that should ever be taken lightly. But for me, I can confidently and proudly say that the opportunity to work in Singapore, even for the brief time I’ve been here yet, has been incredible. Day by day, I’m not only adjusting and learning. I’m thriving because I feel comfortable. And it’s thanks, in huge part, to the amazing international environment that ISM provided me starting at such a young age. That’s the ISM difference.

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