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Why Athletics Are an Important Part of Your Children’s Education
Oct 06, 2016

Why Athletics Are an Important Part of Your Children’s Education

Not everyone remembers their school physical education very fondly. Some people didn’t enjoy many of the activities or the fact that they had to get sweaty in the middle of the school day. Other students really enjoyed gym class and school sports.

Below, you will find a list of advantages that come with a curriculum that features athletics. Together, these advantages will help your children grow into more well-rounded adults.

1. Athletics Teach Essential Soft Skills

“Soft skills” refer to the set of important personal or interpersonal skills that employers look for in prospective hires later in life. The sooner your children develop these skills, the better prepared they’ll be to enter the workforce as adults. Athletics help your children learn skills like the following:

  • Self-discipline – Athletics require practice. They require your children to hone particular talents and abilities. Athletics also require that students stay in good physical health to meet the demands of weekly practices and regular games. With self-discipline, children will more than meet the challenge.
  • Teamwork – Most sports and other athletic events require children to work together in teams. Your kids will learn valuable lessons about teamwork, including what such a relationship can accomplish when it goes well and how to work through issues that arise in those interpersonal relationships. Your children will need these skills in their future career.
  • Organization – Time management, scheduling, laundry regimens, and carpool arrangements may all play a role in the athletics experience. Your children will have to learn how to manage these organizational skills on their own, which means they’ll have better preparation for university studies and work-related challenges.
  • Communication – In a sports or physical activity setting, participants have to communicate to solve problems and make plans, which students will have to do again in their future careers.

Employers need staff who work hard and put genuine effort into their tasks. Athletics help your children develop those kinds of soft skills.

2. Athletics Give Your Children Opportunities to Develop Talents

Your Children might have a talent for physical activity, leadership, or organization that they haven’t discovered yet. With athletics, students have a chance to develop those talents, and those talents may even open up more opportunities, such as a university or professional sports career.

3. Athletics Teach Your Children Lifelong Healthy Habits

Physical activity helps students get the exercise they need every day. They might not get that activity otherwise, as they might have homework or other activities that keep them busy at night. Athletics ensure that your children set aside time to exercise.

Additionally, coaches and other supervisors may tell athletes to follow certain dietary guidelines to boost performance. These guidelines will help your children learn to manage their eating habits.

4. Athletics Can Motivate Your Children to Perform Well Academically

Physical exercise improves blood flow to the brain and enhances children’s academic performance. Additionally, most schools require their athletes to have a certain grade point average before players can participate. So, if your children love sports and need extra motivation to do well in school, their team’s requirements might just give them the motivation they need to succeed academically.

5. Athletics Contribute to Solidarity and School Pride

When children feel proud to belong to a school, then they don’t begrudge having to attend it. If children participate on sports teams or cheer for sports teams, then they have a sense of loyalty toward their school, or at least their peers, and they create more healthy interpersonal connections that way.

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