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Original Writings from Adventure Afternoon Campers
Sep 27, 2017

Original Writings from Adventure Afternoon Campers

Early this summer a group of talented young writers met for a week's exploration of creative writing. Campers wrote original poetry and fiction. As a group, we also worked together on creating a backstory with a range of characters and a fictional universe which campers could draw upon to inspire their own stories. You will see the influence of this shared brainstorm in references to Mars and in themes of space exploration.

The class was a lot of fun, and it was exciting and encouraging to watch the campers develop their own written voices.

Enjoy the following works of fiction and poetry created by these promising young artists!


by Anne Marie, age 10

Suddenly we were there in the alley but now we are here. I cannot believe it, it is like we went to another planet through space travel

“Oh no there is lava surrounding us HELP.”

“Agent, the video is down there. Four kids were here earlier but now they are gone.”

“I think we found our money.”

“Good job, all that we have to do now is to get them to trust us and soon everyone will bow down to us.”

“Guys, let's work together to break the core.”

“I think we are almost there!”

They quickly got up. Fred turned around and said “I don't think we are on Earth. I think we're on Mars.”

“I am going to text Sarah saying that we went through space.”

“Shhhh, listen, there's a voice. Maybe we can find out why we are on Mars.”

“Fine, but if this doesn't work, I will...” Carl got interrupted.

“Ehem, excuse me mam, can you tell us what year it is.”

“Oh yes, 2017.”

“What about the day and date.”

“Friday the 30th.. Now get back to work.”

“Work? What work?”

“You know, the work that we are doing to turn Mars evil.”

“But we are not from here. We are from Earth.”

“Earth, interesting, maybe I will space travel to your galaxy and take it over as well.”

“And that is the last thing I remember. I am telling the truth.”

“What truth, it’s just a dream. A dream of making Mars evil. Now go back to bed. Later on, I will find out what is wrong with that boy.”

“Mom what did you say?”

“Oh nothing.”

“Really, I don't think you are my mom.”

“You don't say that to me. Take that back right now and go to bed.”


“What did you say? I really do not want to do this, but you give me no choice. I have to find out what happens next.”

“Mom, please don't do this.”

“I don't have a choice.”

The next thing I know, I am working at a mill factory burning everything in my sight.

“You guys, what are we doing.”

“I don't know. I think she said that if we don't work, she will destroy us along with Mars.”

“What! I did not know this before, but now I have no doubt. She is my mom. I know what she wants, but she will never get it because she is a hologram and she can’t ever touch us. Don't you remember we were in the alley and we saw something move and all of a sudden we got blasted and we ended up here? She will pay and I think I know a plan, but it may cause her to suffer quite a few tragic loses.”

Cat Parents

by Avni, age 7

Chapter 1

Katerina has a big deep secret from her childhood. Her family is unusual. Not like most families. She was born in a family of cats. But she looked like a human baby which is weird. She had to leave her family because there was a fox in Cat Town trying to attack so she was put in a car just right for her and was sent to the United States. Ever since, she has not seen her parents. She is 20 now, so it has been 20 years since she has seen her parents, and her parents have seen her. We are setting up a camera to track her parents then bring them to her.

Chapter 2 - The Parents

Yay! We finished setting up the camera and we are sending it to space. It’s been 10 days since, and we have good news. We have found her parents and we are sending them back. There is one problem though. How will we get Katerina to meet her family without saying, “Who am I meeting?” We don’t want her saying that because we want it to be a surprise. The next day we tell her that she is meeting someone at lunch. Thankfully she did not say “Who am I meeting?” Her parents arrived after and got ready for lunch, and in one hour they would meet.

Chapter 3 - Meeting Her Parents

We all were nervous. What would the family’s reaction be? They ate lunch and Katerina heard the news and cried tears of joy. She was really happy to see her real parents. She was a little confused, but we explained it to her. We were happy and they were. The family was united again!

The Defeat of the Dinosaurs

by Maya, age 10

This is a story about how people came to live on Earth and how the dinosaurs died out (but it is mainly about how people came to live on Earth).

Long ago in a planet right next to Earth…

So, on Mars there was life. Lots of life. There was about 11 billion people at that time. But, there were only people not animals. I forgot to mention that a lot of sci-fi stuff existed like lasers, lightsabers and spaceships. In this really developed society, a man was using a laser to cut down a tree. He was cutting across the bark when there was a loud crack. He looked away accidentally cutting through the middle. Looking back to the tree, he saw some mysterious black mist coming out from the crack. Looking into the cut he inhaled the mist and fell down dead.

Probably you have forgotten about that crack. It was Asteroid Star Stream stepping on a branch. She was following her father who had been cutting wood. Yes, she had seen him die. Now she was running toward her home telling everyone she met about the mist. The dangerous black mist was making its way through Mars but, it passed Asteroid. Now if you are wondering why, it is because she held her breath when it passed through her. Realizing that this had saved her she said to the others, “Hold your breath when the black mist passes through you.” But, nobody listened and soon many people had fallen dead. Well not everybody, died. A boy and another girl remained with Asteroid.

Their names were Sky and Planet. Sky was the girl and Planet was the boy. They had listened because they saw the other people fall dead before the black mist reached them. After a hurried introduction, Asteroid, Sky and Planet discussed an escape plan. In the end they decided that they would go to Earth.

*    *    *


Suddenly I’m discussing an escape plan to Earth. It seems that just a few seconds ago I was chasing my dad to give him his lunch. Anyway, that is now a memory. Back to the plan, we plan to head out as soon as we can. Our only delay is packing. Here is a list:

1 Spaceship (UFO)

3 Laser guns

3 sacks of food

10 pairs of clothes each

and 1 force field


All of a sudden, Sky and I are on a spaceship. We’re on our way to Earth! Slowly. I know, I know, we should be traveling at the speed of light, but Asteroid says we shouldn’t because of dangerous things like asteroids and comets. It’ll take a long time just because of Asteroid’s idea of going only at 100 mph.


The journey was a long boring journey until Earth was visible. But spoilsport Planet had spoiled the journey by falling asleep. Asteroid, who is basically the captain, also didn’t want to land on Earth until tomorrow because she was tired. So, I guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow.


Suddenly, we had arrived, as if we had traveled at the speed of light. Giant beasts loomed over us. I was scared to death. I shouted to Sky and Planet telling them to retreat. But, no instead of leaving I grabbed the force field and the laser guns. Handing them out to the others I shouted, “Let’s destroy these dinosaurs (the name I had given the beasts).”


What next? Asteroid has now ordered us to fight dinosaurs and that was really hard. Plus, our weapons are destroyed. I think we should have just stayed on Mars.


All of a sudden, I was in a cave. There’s a fire in the middle. I thought Earth would be like Mars. But, no it has other living things, that I’m calling animals. Some of the animals are cute while others are big and scary. I’m already starting to like this place and perhaps one day I’ll call it home.

The End

Warriors universe by Erin Hunter

Excerpt from "In The Woods"

(An original story based on the Warriors universe created by author Erin Hunter)

by Ava, age 10

“Wake up,” said Birdkit.

“No,” groaned Icekit.

“You’re no fun,” Birdkit growled.

“Whatever” Icekit meowed.

“Please?” Birdkit whispered. Icekit opened one eye to see her most annoying sister. Birdkit whispered in her ear, ”Now you’re awake.” Icekit grumbled. “Of course I am awake! Because of my most annoying sister who woke me up.”

Birdkit who didn’t listen to anything whispered. “Come on there is something going on.”

“This better be worth it,” hissed Icekit. Birdkit looked taken aback and meowed, “What’s gotten into you?”

Iceskit growled. “None of your business.”

Birdkit meowed, “I don’t know what’s gotten into you. But I don’t like the attitude.”

Icekit could feel anger bubbling up and gritted her teeth and hissed softly. “Let me get this straight. The last time I saw you, you weren’t my mother!”

Birdkit sighed which made Icekit angrier. She was about to retort something at her but Birdkit interrupted her and said, “Come on let’s just go and see what’s up.”

Chapter 2

When they had gotten outside Birdkit felt happy but worried about her sister. Icekit had been acting weird since yesterday. Did something happen to her yesterday? Then Birdkit decided to follow her and see what had made her hissy the other day. So after Icekit asked to go to the woods and she said yes, Birdkit followed her.

While following Icekit, Birdkit thought how it was weird that Silverrain, their mother, allowed Icekit to go into the woods but not her when she had asked to go in the woods and she said “No.” It seemed like Icekit kept sniffing the air to make sure that Birdkit wasn’t following. She kept sniffing until Icekit sniffed again and she stopped in mid-sniff and annoyance sparked in her eyes.

She sat down and curled her tail around her paws. What was she waiting for?

The Lost Memory

by Yui, age 12


I am professor Jennifer Widow. I am pretty sure that they have tracked me down and my life will be gone in a few hours. I am writing this for our next generation so that they will not make the same mistakes as we made. Though I doubt that people will be free and live a normal life like our generation did… a few years ago. I know I sound bossy writing this even though we, I mean my generation should be the ones to blame because we are the ones that made a horrible mistake. There are coming and I will not just die in their hands. I am going to write this to the next generations in hope that they will know, that they live among us and they will make, no, they have already made, the end of the human world. The world will get ruled by them. They live among us right this moment. Beware! Watch carefully! They are coming. I have the secrets of them. The…


“Hey, Lanthe, take a look at this weird notebook.”

“What about it?” I asked as my best friend Iris waved a worn out and dirty looking notebook with only one page of writing.

“I wonder what the lady who wrote this wanted to say,” Iris said after I finished reading the note.

“Yeah. I don’t know why the last part is ripped.”

“Maybe someone purposely ripped it after she wrote that, because, they didn’t want people to know… the truth…”

“Ha ha. Likely story. I think you read too many horror and mystery books.”

It was just a book with weird things written. It was just a joke to us. It wasn’t serious. How would I have known? How would I have ever known that this will lead to something horrible… something I now regret… something I would never have imagined.

Through the Sky

(Original story based on the Warriors universe created by author Erin Hunter)

by Anonymous, age 11

Rosepaw padded through the bushes. She had come a long way from Thunderclan. Her paws ached and her belly howled with hunger. She couldn’t remember when she had last eaten.

Will I ever find my kin? She wondered.

She saw some weird brown pellets. She sniffed it. Kittypet food, she thought. She ate some. Good, but I would prefer a juicy mouse.

Rosepaw knew she had to move on. The kittypet food made for feel sick. Finally she saw a bunch of skinny cats. A she-cat stepped toward her. She had brown fur. “Who are you?” the she-cat asked. She was friendly, and not hostile.

I’m Rosepaw, of Thunderclan.”

“I’m Flightstar, leader of Skyclan.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I have come to find my kin.”

“Is it really you?” said a tom and a tortoiseshell. Rosepaw’s heart raced with excitement.

“What?” asked Rosepaw. The tom stepped toward Rosepaw.

“I’m your father, Rosepaw.”

“I’m your mother,” said the tortoiseshell. Rosepaw snuggled into her mother’s warm pelt.

“But why did you leave me?” she asked.

“I am Daisypelt” her mother said.

“I am Razorclaw,” said the tom. “We left you because on the day you were born a monster almost hit you. We left you, because we had to flee, and we ended up here.”

Rosepaw was too happy to stay still. She bounced around. “I will take you guys to Thunderclan,” she squealed with excitement. She couldn’t wait to show her clan and her sister, Briarpaw.

As Rosepaw and her parents walked, Rosepaw told them the stories. She had never been so happy in her life.

Rosepaw and her parents reached Thunderclan. The medicine cat, Fernspring, ran up to Rosepaw. “Rosepaw, where were you? We thought you were dead. I need to take a look at those stitches.”

Fernspring lead her into the medicine den. She gave her some Juniper berries for strength and cobwebs for her scratches.

Briarpaw raced towards her. “Rosepaw,” she called. I’m so happy to see you,” she said. Fernspring was talking to Daisypelt and Razorclaw.

“Who are those cats?” asked Briarpaw. Rosepaw had almost forgotten her parents.

“I traveled to Skyclan. I found our parents, Daisypelt and Ravenfeather.”

“Why did they leave us?” asked Briarpaw.

Just as Rosepaw was about to tell her Bramblestar stood on the Highrock. 

“Let all cats old enough to catch their prey gather at the Highrock,” growled Bramblestar. Morningcloud and Moonpelt arrived from the nursery. All the warriors and apprentices gathered at the Highrock.

“Today we have some new guests,” said Bramblestar. He gave a nod to Daisypelt and Ravenfeather. “These cats are from Skyclan. They have a story to tell us all,” said Bramblestar. The cats yowled in agreement.

“Is this what you were going to tell me?” asked Briarpaw.

“Yes,” said Rosepaw with excitement.

Razorclaw spoke first. “We are Skyclan cats.” Rosepaw gazed proudly at her father. “We are Rosepaw’s and Briarpaw’s parents.” All the cats gasped with surprise. Briarpaw’s eyes were around with surprise. “We left because a monster almost hit us.”

“Welcome back,” said Bramblestar. Briarpaw and Rosepaw snuggled against their parents’ pelts.

Untitled Fiction

by Sophia, age 9

People say I throw like a girl,

I play like a girl,

I fight like a girl,

But still, this is the end of the world. I should be fighting, not hesitating with fear. Wait, did you hear that? Thup Thup. What is that noise? Hold on, I’ll be right back…


Another evil robot, come on! Well just so you know this is no picnic. By the way, my name is Samantha, and welcome to the end of the world!

Poems from “Box” exercise

Each writer drew a box, then wrote whatever he or she wanted, in any genre, provided that it fit inside of the box. This exercise let us experience the way creativity sometimes thrives when we focus the scope of our work just enough to create an imaginative playground.

Untitled Poem

by Greta, age 7

My cat and me went

for a walk and my cat

meowed at a dog. And the

dog barked at the cat and

they began a fight but…

The dog broke the leash

and the dog ran after

the cat and then the

cat’s owner took the

cat home.

Untitled Poem

by Harry, age 5

We cried tears of

joy, when the rain came

home. The sun went

away, for a minute

as told. The crops

smiled again, after

frowning for 2 weeks.

And as the drought ended,

the people began to hope,

that water would never

stay away again.

Untitled Poem

by Santiago, Age 7

A dog is in a box

A fox ate the box

Someone ate the fox

The Weeping Willow Tree

by Sophie, age 9

The weeping willow’s leaves sway above my head

they are perfect for a little bed.

But what if we lived, up so high

in the windy and sunny Mars bright sky!

It is beautiful, and light like a

feather on air, and I start to dream

without a care. When the sun shines

through those leaves of green, I wonder

how it feels to have leaves

shone through, so clean. As the willow

seems to have many fears, its long

strands of leaves look like long

tears. My poem now has to come

to an end but I think this willow

tree is a great new friend!

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