Alumni Class of 2005 Visit - Private Schools in Minneapolis l International School of MN

Alumni Class of 2005 Visit

Alumni Class of 2005 Visit

ISM had a very special visitor this week, a graduate of the Class of 2005 –Kyung Won “Stephan” Cha! 

Stephan currently lives in South Korea (Sacheon) and this is his first trip back to Minnesota since he left after his high school graduation. He arranged to come and meet some of the current high school students and give his perspective.   While at ISM, he lived with a host family and appreciated the English Language Learner courses he received here, since he spoke very little English as an 8th grader when he first arrived.   As a student, he was busy on the varsity soccer team and in Showchoir (we found proof in the Performing Arts hallway posters)!

Stephan’s advice to ISM students is to “Explore as much as you can, Seize the opportunities, and Manage yourself” in preparation for college or university.  He attended Dickinson College in Pennsylvania after graduating from ISM and also served in the South Korean military, which lead to his current profession in the Aerospace defense industry in Korea in the area of procurement.

We are happy you came to see us and we are thankful you could meet some of your former teachers and talk with some students in the weekly college advising class! 

Alumni Class of 2005 ISM

Private Schools in Minneapolis l International School of MN

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