Grand Concours - Results - Private Schools in Minneapolis l International School of MN

Grand Concours - Results

Grand Concours - Results

Every year, our French students compete in a written national contest called le Grand Concours which is an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French.

This year, out of 38 ISM participants, 23 students received a medal or an honorable mention.

In 4th grade, Liam received a gold medal; Maria and Morgan received a silver medal; and Raaghima received a bronze medal.

In middle school, Chloé received a gold medal; Blue, Tess, and Vivian received a silver medal; Elsa and Sara received a bronze medal; Alper, Dylan, Kerrera and Philippos received an honorable mention.

In high school, Ryan received a silver medal; Apurva, Eleni, James and Katie received a bronze medal;

Cindy, Logan, Luca and Melinda received an honorable mention.


Private Schools in Minneapolis l International School of MN

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