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Great Kindness Challenge at ISM

Great Kindness Challenge at ISM

The Great Kindness Challenge started Monday, January 22.  This annual challenge is to purposely find kind acts to share with one another.

The week of January 22, ISM students were given the opportunity to complete checklists with ideas on how to bring kindness into our school and world.  Many children even completed the forms.  Can you imagine the amount of kindness that created and how good those students felt? 

Classroom activities included reading books and having classroom conversations about the impact of kindness on others and ourselves, and kept on going from there. 

From decorating doors and bulletin boards, to appreciating staff and other students with cards and posters, to reading and helping younger students, kindness has been overflowing here at ISM this past week. 

Let’s keep this kindness going and make every week feel like kindness week. 

As a reminder of the kind deeds, Mrs. Anderson handed out stickers and pencils to the younger students to help them remember to keep the kindness going. 

This was indeed, the happiest week of the year.  Until next January…keep the kindness going.

Check out the Family Edition 2 minute video and checklist to see how your family has the power to change the world.

More pictures can be found in our Media Gallery.

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