Husky Highlights - July 15 - Private Schools in Minneapolis l International School of MN

Husky Highlights - July 15

Husky Highlights - July 15

This week was super fun at ISM! 


Construction has begun and is in full swing in the ECE area! We cannot wait to see what the new ECE classrooms look like.

The older students spent time inside due to weather watching Shrek 2, playing Pokemon and making bracelets. They also crated clay dog statues with a teacher from KidCreate! They loved their creations! In French they learned "head, shoulders, knees and toes" which is super cool to know in a different language! They also learned about different animals and ate some yummy French cookies. 


The Pre-K and Kindergarten kids learned about self portraits and created their own. They also made animal masks and "scared" the teachers by pretending to be lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! 


Click HERE to see pictures from this week! As always, stay tuned to see what is happening at ISM next Sunday! 

Private Schools in Minneapolis l International School of MN

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