ISM Student to Participate in the Minnesota High School Page Progra - Private Schools in Minneapolis l International School of MN

ISM Student to Participate in the Minnesota High School Page Progra

ISM Student to Participate in the Minnesota High School Page Progra

Hee Seung "Brandon" Yang will participate in the Minnesota High School Page Program. This program is only open to current Minnesota high school juniors.

Despite the highly competitive application process, all ISM students who have applied to the program over the past 15 years have been accepted, a true testament to the high academic caliber of our students.

Over the last 40 years, this program has been dedicated to providing participants with hands-on access to our state government in action.

Modeled after the United States Congress Page Program, the Minnesota House of Representatives High School Page Program was established in 1975. 

Throughout the course of their week in Saint Paul, High School Page Program participants are exposed to a wide variety of experiences, designed to provide them with a deep understanding of our state government. 

Those experiences will include individual meetings with legislators designed to allow students to discuss the issues that matter most to them, experiencing the legislative process firsthand by assisting members during legislative session, participating in a mock committee session designed to develop students' leadership skills and to inspire them to think critically about the issues confronting our state, and provides students with the opportunity to meet with constitutional officers, members of the judiciary, lobbyists, and members of the media.

Update: April 23rd, 2018

Here is what Hee Seung had to say about his experience with the Page Program:

“Participating in the Page Program was one of the most defining experiences I have ever had in my life. I was able to recognize so many procedural/substantial issues (not to mention all the technical terminologies) at the Capitol thanks to my AP US Government and Politics class; mere words and graphs on textbook became real to me and solidified my knowledge in the field. I have talked to more than 20 people during the week, including Speaker of the House, Minority Leader of the House, Secretary of State, Chief Clerk of the House, District 49B Representative, Supreme Court Justice, and many more state government officials working at the Capitol. I definitely recommend applying for the position if you are currently a sophomore! I am beyond grateful that I got to be a part of this program."

Hee Seung with Melissa Hortman, Minority Leader of the House
All the high school pages for week 6 sitting
on the bench in the House Chamber
All the high school pages and
Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt (Republican)
Hee Seung with representative, Paul Rosenthal,
District 49B (DFL)
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