Throwback Thursday - July 12 - Private Schools in Minneapolis l International School of MN

Throwback Thursday - July 12

Throwback Thursday - July 12



Nathaniel was involved in SLO as the Deputy Head of Discipline his junior year and was involved in the Management Department his senior year.


Nathaniel stated "ISM played a significant role in my development into the person I am today. I was able to make life-long friendships, of which I'm still in close communication with many people. The Student Life Organization taught me leaderships skills and communication skills, all of which I use regularly as a Crew Chief with GW EMS to best help my patients. But best of all, each teacher I had at ISM influenced my life in their own unique way, and I cannot be more thankful for all their hard work and dedication they put in for my current and future successes."


He is a current student at The George Washington University and is an EMT on campus. He was a great leader in our school community and we know he will be a great leader wherever he ends up after graduation next Spring.

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Private Schools in Minneapolis l International School of MN

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