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Welcome Letter From Director

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Welcome Letter From Director

Nadia Reda


Dear Parents and Guardians,

As a parent, deciding where to send your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. The International School of Minnesota is the school of choice for many parents based on a variety of factors, including a proven educational system, a global propriety curriculum, and the shared core values of The SABIS® Network of Schools. 



As an educator, I make the following commitment; The International School of Minnesota team will: 

  • Challenge students to reach their full academic potential
  • Encourage students to explore their talents beyond the classroom
  • Foster diversity treating all students as equals, regardless of nationality, religion, race, or identity.

The International School’s academic and administrative leadership will focus on your child as a whole.  We will guide your children to become the best they can be.  Your child will not only be prepared for college, but also be prepared to adapt to an ever changing world and to value learning and understanding from a global perspective.


At our school, everyone is welcome and accepted. We will prepare your child to be a citizen of the world through academics, the pursuit of his or her interests, and engagement within our community.


We hope to welcome you to our community soon!



Nadia Reda


About ISM

Founded in 1985, The International School of Minnesota is a private school located in the heart of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. For over 35 years, ISM has been educating students in the local and international community using the SABIS® Educational System™, an academically rigorous program that provides students with a solid foundation of knowledge and valuable 21st century skills to ensure their success in college and beyond.




The International School of Minnesota 6385 Beach Road Eden Prairie MN 55344 USA

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