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Diversity at ISM

At ISM, we take great pride in educating and housing a culturally diverse student-body. We see great value in the life skills that students can nurture in such a community. Students who grow in a diverse community are better prepared for the future. In their college academic experience and in the work place, ISM graduates will undoubtedly interact with individuals from around the world, and should be comfortable and confident in doing so.

Students’ exposure to diversity also leads to improved critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership skills. As students teach themselves to navigate working with and alongside individuals from different backgrounds, ideals, traditions, and norms, through school projects, in sports, theater, activities, and more, they are ultimately preparing themselves for future success.

At our school we celebrate diversity and foster a culture of tolerance through various initiatives like International Day, bullying prevention campaigns, and through the SABIS Student Life Organization, which allows students various opportunities to work together for bigger, more important causes.

Today, our school community, students and staff, represent 30 nationalities including Chinese, Belarusian, Indian, Malaysian, Korean, Liberian, and more. With students attending from around the world, children will have the opportunity to discover different cultures and develop an international network of lifelong friends. We encourage and welcome you to join our vibrant and inclusive community.

"We love that ISM has a diverse and international student body, which is reflective of the real world."Michelle H., ISM Parent




About ISM

Founded in 1985, The International School of Minnesota is a private school located in the heart of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. For over 35 years, ISM has been educating students in the local and international community using the SABIS® Educational System™, an academically rigorous program that provides students with a solid foundation of knowledge and valuable 21st century skills to ensure their success in college and beyond.




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