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ISM Students Qualified to Compete at Equestrian Championship Competition

Sports play an important role in life at ISM. We would like to recognize two students who have risen to the top of their sports. 

Bianca Schmidt, Grade 11 and Nico Beck, Grade 9, are both Equestrian Athletes, more precisely Dressage Riders.  This extremely demanding sport is a combination of hard work and finesse. Riders must work with their horses to bring out the best in their athletic abilities, to prepare them to perform the required skills in an equestrian event. This must be done with minimal "apparent" effort on the riders part, to make it appear as if the rider and the horse are acting as one. Hours and hours of hard work and preparation go into every single event.

Both students take part in international equestrian events overseen by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI). Bianca and Nico advanced through the competitions to reach championship level. Nico qualified two horses and finished 3rd and 4th at the 2nd level championship class. A very impressive feat for such a young rider. Bianca won the Prix St. George level championship, making her the highest ranked Jr. Rider in the region.

Both of these young people should be commended not only for their achievements, but for their work ethic. They train every day and travel constantly to events.  But even more importantly is the bond they must create with their horse. It is truly a team effort and shows strength of caring, commitment and dedication to their craft.  

Bianca's goal is to continue to compete internationally and one day ride in the Olympic Games. Nico wants to become a professional horse trainer and train riders and horses to achieve their best.

We are very proud of both Bianca and Nico. They are an example of what hard work and commitment to succeed can achieve. We wish them all the best. 

Federation Equestre Internationale Prix St. George Champion
Bianca Schmidt on her horse Cenna

“ I am appreciative of the recognition that ISM does for athletes like me, it motivates us to have great support from the school.”

- Bianca Schmidt

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