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College Counseling

With a 100% graduation record and 100% acceptance to colleges or universities, our college counseling program is an integral piece to High School at The International School of Minnesota. As a college-preparatory school, college or university is the goal for all of our students, and ensuring they are well- prepared for the college admissions process is important to us.

Starting in Grade 9, students take weekly college counseling classes to identify what type of school they may want to attend and what major would best fit their ideal career. Through High School, our college counselors work with the students and parents every step of the way. We host information nights to help parents understand everything from college visits, to applications, and financial aid processes. When students begin the application process at the beginning of their senior year, they have opportunities throughout the week to work in our College Counseling Center on their college applications and ask questions about applying to colleges.

Our college counselors are contracted through College Connectors, our partnership ensures ech student receives the support they need to navigate the college admissions process. 


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