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Music & Performing Arts

Music and Performing Arts are an integral part of the ISM student experience. We provide a mix of curricular and extracurricular opportunities from early childhood education through high school. Students receive instruction and performance experience under the guidance of an exceptional faculty, helping them build confidence and teamwork as they shine on and off stage.

Student performing/dancing on stage


We offer students consistent music and performing instruction in instrumental music, like orchestra, band, funk rock, and strings. We also provide a platform for choral music such as the High School and Middle School concert choir, and in-class music for lower school and ECE. Students who want to be a part of Instrumental and Choral Music may choose to cross-enroll.

Students performing music in orchestra

Our talented musicians are also invited to showcase their skills at our Winter, Spring, and Conservatory Concerts as well as the Tapestry performance, which helps them gain confidence in performing on stage with an audience.


  • PS - 5th Grade Music
  • 4th and 5th Grade Band


  • Middle School Choir
  • Middle School Band
  • High School Choir
  • High School Band
  • Orchestra
  • Drama


  • Intro to Rock Band - Lower
  • School
  • PAC Rats - Lower School
  • Show Choir - Upper School
  • FunkRock - Upper School
  • Fall Play - Upper School
  • All School Musical - Lower and Upper School

ISM Kindergarteners perform twice a year building confidence in our youngest performers who showcase their budding talents in Over the Meadow and Letterland.

Students performing/dancing on stage

For students who would prefer to study music in one-to-one lessons from a qualified instructor are invited to join the International Music Conservatory (IMC). IMC is open to students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 who are interested in band, orchestra, or voice lessons. These lessons take place outside the school day and are available at an additional cost.

Performing Arts

ISM students have been performing on stage in the Leila C. Saad Performing Arts Center since 2001 when the school built the state-of-the-art theater. Since then many spectacular performances have been given by a multitude of talented vocalists, actors, and musicians - many of whom have continued to pursue their craft in college, as a profession, and on the big screen.

By providing safe and inclusive performance opportunities, we aim to help students experience the joy of performing, as well as offer them opportunities to participate in behind-the-scences roles. Our departmental goals include assisting students to develop creativity and self-expression by exposing them to multi-cultural music and performance as well as enhancing their musical literacy and giving them the skills to continue enjoying the arts beyond ISM.

Students Recording / Performing in the studio

"ISM's Performing Arts department invites all students to the stage, regardless of their experience. Through music and theater we create a welcoming community where students feel safe and supported to take creative risks, hold leadership positions or just want to have fun with friends." Dr. Ariel Wilberg, Head of Performing Arts Department

Benefits of Performing Arts Education:

Self Confidence Icon

Self-Confidence - Through the rehearsal process students learn how to take ownership of their creativity, learning how to trust their abilities.

Communication Icon

Communication - Students learn how to articulate their thoughts and questions and listen to directions to improve their craft. Verbal and non-verbal communication is worked on.

Imagination Icon

Imagination - Students will have the chance to make big interpretive choices without the pressure of "doing it right".

Empathy Icon

Empathy - Performing Arts gives students the chance to see themselves in others' shoes, allowing them to relate to different situations, backgrounds, and cultures.

Critical Thinking Icon

Critical Thinking - Performing Arts presents students with many challenges and situations where they have to analyze all sides to come to a conclusion or decision.

Team Work Icon

Teamwork - Performing arts requires group cooperation and students work together effectively in order to achieve a common goal.

Students working together on stage

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