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Music & Performing Arts

Performing arts and music are an integral part of the ISM student experience. We provide a mix of curricular and extracurricular opportunities from early childhood education through high school.  Students receive instruction and performance experience under the guidance of an exceptional faculty, helping them build confidence and teamwork as they shine on and off stage!

Student performing on stage

By providing safe and inclusive performance opportunities, we aim to help students experience the joy of performing, as well as offering them opportunities to participate in behind-the-scenes roles. Our departmental goals include helping students develop creativity and self-expression through performing arts by exposing them to multi-cultural music and performance as well as enhancing their musical literacy and giving them the skills to continue enjoying the arts beyond ISM.

"ISM provides a safe and welcoming place to dip your toes in and try something without sacrificing your other interests (like clubs and athletics).
  We strive to make this a great experience for all- from a first time student to the experienced actor/musician."Paolo Debuque- ISM Alum, Head of Performing Arts Department 

We offer students consistent music and performing arts instruction in instrumental music, like orchestra, band, funk rock, and strings. We also provide a platform for choral music such as the High School and Middle School concert choir, and in-class music for lower school and ECE. Students who want to be a part of Instrumental and Choral Music may choose to cross-enroll.

Extra-curricula in the performing arts department include a variety of opportunities for students of all ages to perform, participate behind-the-scenes, enjoy games and activities, and more:  

All School Musical

Fall Theater Production

Pac Rats After-School Program

Grades 1-12

Middle & High School

Grades 3-5


Show Choir

Pac Mice After-School Program

Annual Variety Show

Middle & High School Groups

K- Grade 2


Music Production & Song Writing



Grades 9-12





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