Student Life

Visual Arts

At ISM art is about creating, process, reflection, and appreciation. With a multi-cultural and multi-medium approach, students explore their interests, engage in creative and critical thinking, and have new opportunities for self-discovery and self-expression.  Art instruction begins with our earliest learners in Preschool and continues through High School, where students have the opportunity to complete an AP® Drawing Portfolio!

In Preschool and Pre-K, students are introduced to the joy and wonder of using their hands and imagination as a way of creative expression. As students progress on to Kindergarten and Lower School (grades 1-5), they are introduced to the elements of art (what we make art from), exploring how to identify and apply these elements to their work, and gain a deeper sense of the creative process.

As students grow through the program, we start introducing more mediums and processes to give them the tools to successfully and confidently express themselves. Students also start to gain sense of social and cultural awareness by reflecting upon their work as well as diving deeper into the history and geography of a variety of artists and regions from around the world.

In Middle and High School (grades 6-12), students continue to explore the art making process with a more thematic-based curriculum that focuses on each individual student’s interpretation of a given project. Students are encouraged to use higher order thinking and problem solving skills that truly make each student’s work unique and distinctive.

After students' sophomore year they can choose to take art as an elective either by taking the Art Survey course or by taking the AP® (Advanced Placement®) Drawing Portfolio. At ISM, we utilize two years in the AP® Drawing course to give the students a chance to truly frame out their central theme and to produce the highest quality work.

"Our student, now finishing her senior year, has been at ISM since kindergarten and we have cherished following her development in the Art curriculum. The supportive and energetic instructors have had a way of nurturing self-expression while also teaching different concepts and techniques. The emphasis has always been on the creative process rather than the final product, and that has noticeably fostered a sense of confidence and willingness to explore creative means of imagination." - Craig S., ISM parent 


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