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Lower School

Lower School

The ISM Lower School plays an important role in preparing students for lifelong learning.

Our students in grades 1 through 5 are valued  as members of a culturally diverse and inclusive community and as participants in our community of learners. They enjoy a special sense of belonging that helps them move fluidly through critical periods of development, free from many of the stressors in the larger culture. ISM students grow and learn in a supportive yet academically challenging environment that establishes a basic foundation in preparation for higher learning.


The ISM Lower School curriculum emphasizes academic, social, emotional, physical, and ethical growth. It is designed to establish a balanced, well-rounded education in:  English, Mathematics, World Language and cultures*, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts*, Music*, Computer Literacy*, and Physical Education*.

Children completing the ISM Lower School will have gained mastery of basic concepts and core knowledge and will be well-equipped to handle the more conceptual learning expected in the ISM Upper School.

*These classes are taught by specialists.

Social Studies

Students at the earliest levels learn about what is most familiar to themselves, their families, and their communities through our social studies curriculum. Our global community offers a unique perspective for exploration of the history and cultural diversity of the United States.


In the SABIS® Educational System™, math is considered a "third-language" applicable in all societies and cultures and a critical part of the educational process. ISM Lower School students attain an understanding of mathematical concepts and master computational skills and problem-solving techniques that will enable them to understand the more abstract concepts in the Upper School.

World Languages

All children have daily world language classes taught by teachers who have native fluency. The goal of the world language program at ISM is to help students become functionally bilingual and also gain an understanding and appreciation of the history and culture of the people behind the language.


Lower School students explore the world in which they live and develop techniques for observing and testing nature. The relationship between math and science is an important feature of our science program and is built into the curriculum for both subjects.

Computer Science

Students in the Lower School learn about the computer parts and peripherals. They also develop skills in keyboarding and use Microsoft programs including: Word, Excel, and Publisher. Students also learn to use the internet for research and electronic communication, and explore multimedia editing software such as Kid Pix.

Physical Education

All ISM students through Grade 3 participate in swimming classes. Through our physical education program, students establish a pattern of physical fitness activity and develop an appreciation for both team sports and lifetime physical activity.

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