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Lower School

Academic Life

Lower School

Lower School students are valued members of our vibrant Husky community. Interaction and collaboration across grade levels allows for our students to more fluidly move through their educational journey here at The International School.

Our Lower School curriculum emphasizes social, emotional, ethical, and physical development. Through an established and well-rounded curriculum, students expand their wealth of knowledge daily. Weekly curriculum includes English, math, science, daily world language and culture, fine arts, music, computer literacy, and physical education. During their time in lower school, students learn concepts, skills, and techniques that will propel them and enable them to master more abstract concepts through Middle and High school. Lower School students also benefit from a multi-grade level environment where they are challenged academically and continuing to develop their social and emotional competencies.

Online Learning

As a safety precaution during the recent pandemic, we have made adjustments to our instructional methods. Our goal is to keep students safe while maintaining academic integrity. Our online learning program offers students over 20 hours of directed instruction each week and a way to stay connected to the school community. If you would like to learn more about how our students are learning online, click here!

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