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High School

Academic Life

High School

The focus of the High School at The International School is on preparation for success in college and in life.  Abstract reasoning and critical thinking skills are emphasized in all disciplines. Our classes include a broad base of traditional academic subjects and reflect the knowledge that college requires.

The International School of Minnesota prepares all students for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the American College Test (ACT), and the very demanding Advanced Placement Tests of the College Board.

The AP® exams are subject-specific and are typically taken by fewer than 20% of American high school seniors.  At ISM, over 90% of all juniors and seniors are enrolled in AP courses; ISM students take an average of 5 AP® Exams; and nearly 50% of ISM students earn AP Scholar with distinction as compared to the national average of 17%.

New students needing additional academic support are offered additional assistance in the form of peer tutoring, study groups, and/or homework clubs on as-needed basis.

Graduation requirements

All students at The International School are required to complete 26 credits in grades 9-12 to be eligible for graduation. English, math, and world language are taught daily and are mandatory. In addition, students are required to earn a minimum of 3 credits each in science and social studies during the four years of high school (grades 9-12).  Fine arts, music, computer, and physical education courses are also required for graduation. Our school profile shows imporant information about our students and their successes.

Online Learning

As a safety precaution during the recent pandemic, we have made adjustments to our instructional methods. Our goal is to keep students safe while maintaining academic integrity. Our online learning program offers students over 20 hours of directed instruction each week and a way to stay connected to the school community. If you would like to learn more about how our students are learning online, click here!

Science Center

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) represent an important focus of study at the International School. We recently added a new classroom and lab to expand our offerings. Watch the video below to learn more about our recently renovated Science Center. To see all renovations, click here


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