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Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education

Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten education is critical to a child’s formative years and fosters an enthusiasm and confidence that will remain with them throughout their educational journey. Our program has balanced structured lesson times and free-choice play to create an environment where children remain engaged and curious in their studies. We actively offer opportunities for every child to succeed and celebrate and share joy when they do; this gives children a wonderful sense of assurance and ability to care for themselves and others.

The International School of Minnesota uses a thematic curriculum which is designed to enable students achieve more and maximize their efforts. This curriculum includes concepts such as literacy and numeracy, science, communication, World Language, arts, physical development, and of course kindness. Our goal is to provide a safe and caring learning environment to all children to instill a positive approach to learning.

The newly renovated Louisa Procter Early Childhood Education Center allows for an educational experience unlike any other. Classrooms are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of our youngest learners – including an indoor swimming pool (used through Grade 2), S.T.E.A.M. room, Arts room, IT lab, and exclusive dining area.

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