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Academic Life


At The International School, students benefit from the use of modern, up-to-date information technology that was designed with the student in mind. These tools, developed and powered by SABIS®, enrich students’ day-to-day learning experience and improve their academic performance.

In the classroom, teachers and students enjoy lessons on Interactive Whiteboards that are developed following the content in their books. Instruction is enhanced with digital features such as glossaries, videos, and audio recordings that elaborate on the content. Students in Grade 1 onwards also use SABIS® E-books, allowing them access to a wide range of digital features such as animations, videos, audio recordings, glossaries, and hyperlinks that truly enhance their learning experience.

Beyond the classroom, International School students continue to benefit from SABIS® proprietary technology from the comfort of their own home. By simply logging on to the SABIS® Digital Platform, they can access a wealth of online learning tools such as the On-Demand Tutoring videos —a set of teaching videos explaining a variety of academic concepts — which complement and reinforce the learning in class.

The SABIS® Digital Platform is also available for parents to use to keep track of their child’s academic performance, behavior, SLO® contributions, and attendance. Accessible via mobile device, tablet, or computer, the SABIS® Digital Platform also provides regular updates on school events and activities. Parents can also download the SABIS® Parent App to their mobile phone or tablet to access the Digital Platform and receive alerts regarding school notices.


Online Learning

As a safety precaution during the recent pandemic, we have made adjustments to our instructional methods. Our goal is to keep students safe while maintaining academic integrity. Our online learning program offers students over 20 hours of directed instruction each week and a way to stay connected to the school community. If you would like to learn more about how our students are learning online, click here!

SABIS® Digital Platform