Academic Life

Technology and E-learning

Students at The International School of Minnesota have meaningful experiences with modern, up-to-date methods and technologies used to improve and enrich their day-to-day learning experience, enhance their academic performance, and challenge the boundaries of traditional learning environments. With a systematic approach to teaching and instructional methodologies that empower students, students can take an active role in the learning cycle. In addition, all students have access to the technology tools that can facilitate their learning.

Technology in the Classroom

ISM approaches technology in the classroom with intention and purpose. Instructional methods vary and students benefit from the meaningful use of modern, up-to-date technology that was designed with the student in mind. These tools, developed by SABIS®, enrich students’ day-to-day learning experience and enhance their academic performance.

In the classroom, students learn dynamic content delivered through state-of-the-art technology.  Interactive whiteboards are used to put content into context and bring it to life.  Instruction is enhanced with digital features such as glossaries, videos, and audio recordings that provide for differentiation among our diverse learners. Students utilize SABIS® E-books, which bring content to life in a format that is light and accessible anywhere.

Beyond the Classroom: SABIS® Digital Platform

ISM utilizes the SABIS® Digital Platform (SDP), a dynamic platform that provides students access to a number of online learning tools such as on-demand tutorials and instructional videos to complement and reinforce their classroom learning. The SABIS® Digital Platform is also available for ISM parents to use to keep track of their child’s academic performance, behavior, daily school contributions, and attendance. Accessible via mobile device, tablet, or computer, the SABIS® Digital Platform is an easily accessible and valuable resource for ISM families.


SABIS® Digital Platform