“We are citizens of the world, and that’s what we want for our children. That’s what ISM is to us - a school where our kids can be around other kids from all over the world.”

“There’s something magic at ISM. I don’t know what it is , but it’s something the other private schools don’t have.”

“If Parents knew what an amazing experience their child will have they would enroll in a minute. Students have such an opportunity to meet people and understand cultures from around the world, and to teach their own culture.”

“I love meeting people from other backgrounds; that’s a great part of the school.”

“ISM is a great school: they really care about the kids and working hard.”

“My son was asked to help peer tutor French and that’s not unusual. What you teach, you really know. So you’re learning while you’re teaching.”

“The faculty and staff are dedicated and knowledgeable and know the individual students.”

“Kids can participate in all extracurricular activities and sports and not be shut out. The school plays involve students from lots of grades.”

“I value the niceness of the place. The whole student body is phenomenal. The whole high school is a big family.”

“The global reach and learning with students from other backgrounds is a critical part of the ISM experience.”

“Students from other schools who come here to start off wondering if being the new kid will be hard. We just pull them right in, and they become part of who we are.”

“The one thing I hear from students that have gone off to college and come back to see me or email me: they feel like they were so prepared for college compared to other college freshmen.”

“Here you have the same friends forever. When a new person comes, you just kind of automatically suck them in and then you become friends. You’re all friends.”

“I just knew when we came here on a tour that this was the place for me.”

“The individual attention our children get at ISM is amazing. I don’t know how they do it.”

“ISM kids have something that other kids don’t have – we know who we are and why we are. We’re not all stressed out with teenage angst – we’re just real people.”

“I am a different person because of ISM.”

“Academics are good and solid. I’m very confident in their performance.”

“Parents see that their kids are prepared for college and they know what we’ve done, and they trust us.”

“It puts kids a step ahead. Students score exceptionally on AP exams and college entrance exams. “

“ I am appreciative of the recognition that ISM does for athletes like me, it motivates us to have great support from the school”

"The opportunities you can have at ISM are beyond ‘usual’ than what you can have at other schools. You can actually put your thoughts into actions at ISM, thanks to all the supportive faculty members."

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