Speaker Session - Executive Functioning Skills in Children - Private Schools in Minneapolis l International School of MN

Speaker Session - Executive Functioning Skills in Children

Speaker Session - Executive Functioning Skills in Children

ISM and Parent Connection are proud to welcome Dr. Jules Nolan for her presentation on Executive Functioning Skills in Children on Monday, January 29th from 7 to 8:30pm in the ISM Library.  This speaker session is intended for Elementary, Middle and High School Parents and Staff.

Many students procrastinate, lack organization, have emotional outbursts, get “stuck” in their worries, or are poor planners. If your child struggles frequently in these areas, it might be impacting his/her school success.

During this session, we will discuss the specific areas of executive functioning, changes that occur during school years and ways to help your child better develop executive functioning skills.

The presentation will be followed by a discussion and Q&A.  The presentation includes concrete tools and strategies to use in the classroom and at home as well as current research on the topic. 

About our guest speaker: Dr. Nolan is a licensed psychologist, a nationally certified school psychologist, and the president elect of the MN state association of school psychologists and chairwoman for the Issues in Human Diversity Committee for the International School Psychology Association.  Dr. Nolan has been an invited speaker at state, national, and international conferences and is a practicing partner in Phoenix School Counseling, a firm that provides licensed school counselors and psychological services to member schools.  Her published works include original research conducted internationally and nationally on topics including classroom behavior, student resilience, and learning. She authored a college textbook on adolescent development and textbook chapter on study-abroad. 

Dr. Nolan has been an adjunct professor and invited lecturer for Minnesota State University, and St. Mary’s University.  Together with her husband of 30 years, Dr. Nolan has raised 3 children who are all in their 20’s and still show up for Sunday dinners and family game nights.

Private Schools in Minneapolis l International School of MN

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