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From ISM to the CBS Evening News: Natalie Faber (’16) Pens a Thank You Letter to ISM for Playing a Part in Making Her Dreams Come True

Natalie Faber (’16) started her educational journey at ISM at the age of three by joining the Preschool program. She spent the next fifteen years building a solid foundation for her future by benefiting from the variety of educational opportunities, excellent guidance, and supportive community that ISM has to offer.

In her own words, Natalie describes the significant impact ISM had on her life including her recently accepted position on the CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell. 


A thank you to my ISM family:

I consider my 15 years at ISM as the bedrock foundation of who I am today. The SABIS® curriculum prepared me not just for college, but also further down the road and most recently in the selective career I chose. ISM taught me to be courageous and competitive. 

I made it well known since I was in Middle School how determined I was to one day work for network television. I strived to reach the goals that felt impossible and with the guidance of those who supported my dreams, I knew anything was attainable. The ones who listened and supported me the most were my teachers and counselors. The ISM community allowed me to feel valued and taught me that I have a purpose in life. The purpose? Anything I desire and put my hard work into. Whether it was with the ISM show choir, “Universal Appeal” where Mrs. Everitt nurtured a safe place on stage, or in the Math lab with Mr. Willkomm who promised us we would pass Math Studies as long as we put in the work and attended the lab every week. The remarkable teachers molded me into who I am and opened up so many doors I had no idea existed. The pedagogy provided by SABIS® has taught me the fundamentals of organization, time management, and solid knowledge in almost all subjects incomparable to most people. 

Two years ago, I used my ISM bedrock as my greatest strength when I decided to move across the country in search of my future calling. The melting pot of cultures I was exposed to because of ISM has allowed me to stand out in a career that is centered around storytelling and people. I am also pleased that the Spanish classes I was subject to every day for 15 years served their purpose. The daily classes have allowed my Spanish to continue to be at a level that is equivalent to a native speaker’s fluency. In my most recent job, I stood out from other journalists simply because I could translate and speak the language so well.

The courage, competitive streak, and world-class education ISM gifted me with have allowed me to continue climbing the television industry ladder and I am more than confident it will continue serving its purpose as I begin a new position at the CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell. 

My lifelong wildest dream is coming true and all in part because of you, thank you.

- Natalie Faber (’16)


During her time at ISM, Natalie made just as strong of an impression on the community as it made on her. ISM math teacher, Mr. Willkomm fondly remembers Natalie like she was here just yesterday. “Natalie always impressed me with her positive attitude and her grit. Natalie consistently showed up to work on math, outside of class, with a super positive attitude. Natalie kept working hard, no matter what. If something didn’t go her way, Natalie just kept working until it did go her way. Natalie is a fantastic role model for our ISM students,” says Mr. Willkomm. 

Following senior graduation, Natalie completed her freshman year at St. Catherine University. She transferred to Minnesota State University, Mankato her sophomore year where she graduated with a Major in Communication Studies and Mass Media. While attending college, she returned to ISM for two years working as a Dorm Supervisor.  

To Natalie: We are proud to watch you pursue your dreams and we congratulate you on your undoubted success in your new role at the CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell. We look forward to seeing you back on campus very soon. 


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