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ISM Huskies are Going Places

The beginning of a new year marks the beginning of a fresh outlook on the year ahead. Although we’re still in the thick of winter, Huskies have been taking full advantage of our own winter wonderland and are looking forward to many upcoming opportunities and adventures on the horizon. 

Excitement at Home
Spring sports and activities seasons, practices, and productions are well underway. After an exceptional fall and winter season, ISM’s Math team continues to practice and compete through the spring months after reigning as the state champs in their current season. While some sports, like basketball, are soon coming to a close, others are just beginning. 

The start of a new season offers increasingly more opportunities for involvement, and our Huskies are ready to rise to the occasion. When it comes to creating time for their passions, ISM students go the extra mile to do so by actively engaging in our school community. Four out of five of our high school students at ISM participate in two or more extracurricular activities. It’s not uncommon for students in the spring sporting events to simultaneously take part in major musical roles, Student Life Organization, and other ISM activities. We weren’t kidding when we said our Huskies know how to rise to the occasion!

Our younger grade levels are no strangers to school wide involvement. Kicking off this spring, our lower school can expect new afterschool clubs, including all new specialties in coding, 3D printing, and even a Lego Club. Our older Huskies are looking forward to the traditional end-of-the-school-year events such as the long awaited prom. Our Deputy Head of Activities, Aayan Iqval, notes that students “are excited to hone in on a theme and finalize the details” this Tuesday after touring the much anticipated venue.

The entire ISM community is looking forward to the spring musical, Frozen Jr. coming to the Leila C. Saad Performing Arts Center March 30- April 2. The thirty-four member cast and crew is a robust mix of students in grades 1 through 12, who are both veteran performers and performers just learning the craft. Get ready to be transported to Arendelle, the home of Ana, Elsa, and Olaf. ISM’s production and art department are partnering together to recreate the magic of Wandering Oak’s Trading Post from Frozen’s very own Arendelle village. At ISM’s version of Arendelle, expect to find an array of remarkable and vibrant student-made art, pins, and more.

Creating New Experiences
ISM kicks off our travel opportunities with a trip to New York City. In March, 17 ISM students will be heading to New York to experience theater in the Big Apple. Over the five-day “Broadway and the Arts” tour, students will see two Broadway productions, take a performance workshop with Broadway performers, and get backstage tours of Radio City Music Hall and Lincoln Center. Not only will students experience the lively theater scene of New York, they will take in the sights and sounds of some historic New York neighborhoods and monuments: Wall Street, Greenwich Village, 5th Ave Ellis Island, The Met, and The Empire State Building.

Next year, we plan to establish a Washington DC trip for our 8th grade students. This hands-on history experience allows students to explore inspiring monuments, memorials and museums all while having fun and allowing the history taught in the classroom to come to life.

Passports Required
While ISM offers a global experience right here in Eden Prairie, we also place a high value on immersion into other cultures. We’re excited to be able to offer our students the opportunity to spend time abroad through summer camp and an educational trip.

SABIS® Summer Educational Camp in Bath, England is the experience of a lifetime for many of our students. This camp is centered at Ashwicke Hall, and surrounded by 148 acres of English countryside. Along with immersing students in an English setting, this camp focuses on outdoor events that teach teamwork, resiliency, self-confidence, and self-discipline.  

Alumni Prima Sissini says, “I learned so much about cultural differences that I wouldn’t have known had I not gone to England” and that her immersive experience in Bath “truly allowed for me to open my eyes and learn about the world around me by living in it.” Interested students also have the opportunity to tour top English and UK universities.

We’re also pleased to begin a partnership with EF Tours in order to provide an unforgettable international education trip in 2024. The goal of this trip won’t surprise you: we’re committed to providing our students with international experiences that bring history, science, and other cultures from around the globe to life, and making them part of our students’ lives. 

The World is Our Oyster
Whether it’s through a shining performance in the spring musical or another math team victory, the dedication the Huskies put into expanding their horizons each season sets the tone for the year to come. These exceptional students aren’t only going to change the world “some day”... they are in the process of doing it now both locally and now globally as well. Every year is a great year to be a Husky, but 2023 looks to be especially full of excitement. 

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