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Kicking Off World Kindness Day with KARE 11

World Kindness Day, an international holiday created in 1998 to promote kindness throughout the world, is observed annually on November 13. This year, KARE 11 reporter Eva Anderson celebrated by getting to the bottom of what “kindness” means to ISM students. Students from Lower School to High School shared what kindness means, how kindness is shown, and what others can learn from them.

From something as practical as lending someone a calculator during the SAT®, to general principles like a person helping you without an expectation of getting something in return, our students shared how kindness appears in many different forms and often involves putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Could adults learn kindness from young people? According to the ISM Huskies, the answer is yes. Looks like we could all take a page out of our students’ books!

Get into a “kind” state of mind by seeing what our students have to say:

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